Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW)

A New Way Of Looking At – And Dealing With – Substance Misuse That Affects The Workplace

The impact of substance misuse on the workplace has been an issue for a long time.

How we adapt to it and deal with it effectively is a more recent development. Today, there’s a shift occurring in how employers handle employees whose use of substances has an impact on the work environment. We are slowly moving from a “zero- tolerance” mentality that emphasizes disciplinary action to a “recovery” policy environment that emphasizes help, hope, and realizing the economic potential of healthy employees.


"Recovery" Means Returning To A Better Condition

It applies to workers who suffer accidents and injuries and manage chronic diseases. It applies to those who are recovering from substance misuse as well.     

Becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) means keeping your organization strong by keeping employees on the job, even as they recover from substance misuse.