Tips To Talk To A Friend About Drug Use

  • Find a quiet place to talk to your friend about your concerns.
  • Tell him or her that you’re worried about drug use.
  • Point our ways in which the friend has changed, but don’t be accusatory or aggressive.  Emphasize that you are worried about your friend’s health and safety.
  • Be supportive and caring, not judgmental.
  • Listen to what your friend says in return.  He or she might know there is a problem, but not know what to do about it.
  • Tell your friend that you’re there to help.
  • Encourage your friend to talk to a trusted adult, such as a parent, doctor, school counselor or nurse.  Offer to go with your friend to talk to someone.
  • If your friend is not willing to get help, talk to a trusted adult about the situation.  Tell the adult that you think your friend is abusing drugs and needs help.  Several anonymous resources exist to help people struggling with drug abuse.