Help For Parents Online Courses

AEF offers online interactive courses that teach parents how first to understand, then to change their child’s drug and alcohol behavior, and effective in getting children to accept professional help if required.

Worried about your child's exposure to drugs and alcohol?
Parent CRAFT can help!

What is Parent CRAFT?

A fast-paced and engaging video-based course that teaches parents the skills they need to meet the challenge of substance abuse.

Who is This Course For?

Parent CRAFT will benefit any parent with an adolescent or adult child that is at any stage of using drugs or alcohol.

Parents that just suspect their child may be experimenting, as well as those that know that their child is using substances, will find these skills very useful in heading off more serious issues. The earlier you can intervene the better. With the easily available and commonly used drugs by our children, often experimenting can lead to dangerous behaviors, permanent health damage and even death.

Parent CRAFT is a powerful tool for overcoming treatment resistance, should professional help be required. It will also help you find the best match in help for your child and help you to ensure your child has a successful recovery. The skills learned are very supportive of the leading evidence-based approaches used by therapists.
The course will reduce your stress as a parent, by knowing how to handle the real-life situations you will encounter.

Decrease your child’s drug/alcohol use

CRAFT is clinically proven to reduce your loved ones alcohol and drug use whether they’re receiving professional treatment or not

Get your child into treatment

CRAFT has a 71% success rate at getting adolescents to accept professional help.

De-stress and improve your home life

100% of family members and loved ones reported significant reductions in anger, anxiety, depression, and negative physical symptoms using the CRAFT method.

You Are Not Powerless. You Can Help!

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• Accessible on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and home computers

If your child has shown recent violent behavior, please obtain professional help before using Parent CRAFT.